Learn about our process

While every single project is unique to each of our clients, we follow a clear process so you and our team are always on the same page.

Step 1

Consultation and on-site review

First, we’ll visit your house and do a walkthrough of it to take note of its highlights and low points. From there, we’ll outline the things we need to do to stage your home. It can range from deep-cleaning the property to painting the walls and interior redesign. I’ll give you a list of recommendations. It’s you who will ultimately decide how we’ll stage your house.

Step 2

Staging Quote

Once we have seen the property, we can confirm a formal quote via email and pencil in an install date. Your quote includes installation, property styling and removal at the end of the hire period.

Step 3

Prepping the Home

Your house will become a blank canvas ready for staging. We’ll call in professional cleaners to make sure the entire home is spick-and-span. Measurements will be taken so we can order the right furniture and decor and maximize every space. Repairs discussed and agreed upon during the consultation will also be done.You have the option to join us in de-personalizing and decluttering your home, or you can just rest easy and leave the work to us. Once all the prep work is done, we move to the actual staging and presentation.

Step 4

Staging and Presentation

This is the most exciting part. We’ll arrange the furniture so foot traffic moves seamlessly. We’ll decorate each room with function and purpose so home buyers can easily envision themselves using the spaces. When we’re done, we’ll do a final walk-through and then take photos for your listing.

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